The Ultimate Guide on Web Development for Beginners

In this guide for beginners, you will be able to better understand the concept of web development and interesting things you should know, among others.

Websites are files that are stored on a server. The server is connected to the internet. The website can be loaded from any browser on your phone or computer. The browser is also known as a client.

Every time you’re on the Internet, you receive and upload data from the server and send it back. This exchange between receiving and sending is the basis of the Internet.

A web developer builds anything that you can access from the browser.

Differences between Front-End and Back-End

The front-end is what you see in the browser. The back end is what you can’t see but it handles the logic and functionality so that everything works correctly.

The front-end consists of three basic files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and they are the ones that are loaded in the browser.

The HTML is the main file that is loaded into your navigator when you enter a website.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, provides the HTML content to make it look good. You can include colours, animations, and shapes.

JavaScript is the programming language designed to run in the browser. With this, you can make the site more dynamic.

Tools That Go Hand in Hand with All This

Package Managers

These are online software collections. They are part of open source. Each piece is available for any installation.

Build Tools

These tools are needed to execute tasks and process files.

Control Version

It is also known as source control. This system keeps track of every code change made to the project files.

Follow these essential tips on the web development-learning path.

Choose one skill and learn it slowly. Don’t expect to learn everything at once, everything takes time.

Try to choose the one you like best and become an expert. Remember that everything is a matter of practice and in two years at the latest, you will be ready for your first professional job.

Always study. Every day there is something new to learn within web development. Keep updated and don’t be left behind with what you learned yesterday.

Web development is a very interesting profession. Although it may seem very difficult at first because of the many codes it handles, the reality is that once you master them, everything will be easy.

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